After finding out I had PCOS and a year of trying to get pregnant, a friend led me to Melissa Hawthorne. Melissa quickly educated me on the importance of health and managing my daily nutrition in order to combat PCOS. She is incredibly knowledgeable about fertility issues and how to monitor specific issues, such as sugar intake and balancing carbs/protein in your diet. I learned a lot from Melissa and she helped me put together easy meal plans that I could handle with my busy lifestyle. And of top of all of that, she is incredibly personable and fun!

Soon after meeting with Melissa, I started to see results both physically and just feeling healthy, empowered and full of energy. And just a few months later, I found out I was pregnant with a little girl! But my journey with Melissa did not stop there…she guided me throughout my pregnancy to ensure that I was providing the best nutrition for my baby and managing the proper weight gain.

Overall, I feel so fortunate to have found Melissa. And give huge thanks to her for my personal health and my healthy baby girl! 

Lacey Goossen

Houston, Texas

Hi Catherine – I had the best run of my career at the NYC marathon on Sunday! Everything seemed to be aligned to get me through a really great race. I followed the nutrition plan you outlined, even on the streets of NY, and feel certain that made a big difference for me.

I paced with a 5 hr group that ran a little slower than I could have performed, but I was interested in a good, fun run with a guaranteed time no later than 5, so hung with the group. I finished in 4:55, so I’m very pleased with my time. Last year I did the Houston marathon in 5:01, so that was a decent time for me. Bill had the Zone bar and chocolate milk for me at the finish.

I got back on track yesterday and want to build on the great nutritional foundation I think I’ve now created and have no desire for the candy, breads and wine right now. I lost a few pounds at the marathon and want to keep it off. No dieting but just replacing bad habits with healthier new ones.

Thanks for being on my “coaching team”. I really appreciate your recommendations and support. Now it’s off to San Antonio!

Sue Ferguson

Houston, Texas

I just got back from New York. The Marathon went better than I ever could have imagined with a new PR cutting 45 minutes off my last race time. I have to tell you that I really believe I have you to thank in part for my success.

After attending your seminar, I really was better informed about hydration and carb intake during the race. I don’t think I ever hit a wall during the race and walked back to my hotel (not hobbling) feeling great.

The information I received from you was a critical factor to my enjoyable experience not to mention perfect weather and an awesome crowd.

Anelise Williamson

Houston, Texas

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