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Tips for Traveling

Travel for leisure is exciting but can be challenging to be out of your usual eating routine. Here are a few of our favorite tips to help you feel your best while you are traveling.

  1. Plan Ahead. Find restaurants in the area that fit your liking and have healthy options. You can view menus online ahead of time to help you. Find out if your hotel has a gym or can you be active outside? Plan a time for movement during each day.

  2. Pack Snacks. Bring healthy snacks with you. Our favorite portable snacks include 100 calorie packs of nuts, individual nut butter packs, fresh fruit, string cheese, beef or turkey jerky. Hummus and vegetables are great snack options if you are traveling by car. You can also stop by a grocery store when you arrive to load up on healthy snacks.

  3. Focus on Whole Foods. Fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins while traveling will help your GI system stay regular and help you to feel better.

  4. Have an Anchor Meal Daily. Most people choose breakfast for their anchor meal. How can you eat a breakfast similar to what you eat at home? We like Better Oats oatmeal packs for travel. You can also find oatmeal at Starbucks or order scrambled eggs and fruit from a restaurant. Starting the day off right helps the rest of the day be successful.

  5. Hydrate! Staying on top of your water intake can be challenging when you travel. Air travel is dehydrating so you can start off your trip feeling sluggish. Bring a water bottle on the plane. Aim to finish it on the flight and refill while you are waiting on your luggage. Carry a water bottle with you throughout your travel to keep you feeling your best.

Vacation is a time of leisure and fun, but you also want to feel your best. What can you do this Spring Break to help you feel good and full of energy?


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