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Lifestyle Change Programs

4 Session Program

The complete nutrition plan + two individual nutrition follow-up consultations

This program can get you moving toward better overall wellness and help you to change your behavior forever. Not only will you receive an individual nutrition plan, but also you will walk away understanding how to incorporate your new behaviors long term. Expires 16 weeks after initiation of program.

8 Session Program

The complete nutrition plan + six individual nutrition follow up consultations

Highly recommended for motivated individuals or those needing accountability! This plan includes: individual nutrition plan, information on dining out, emotional eating, travel nutrition, recipes, weekly or bi-weekly checkups and planning and more. Research shows that if clients commit to 8-10 weeks of consultations with a professional to monitor progress they have a higher success rate for changing healthy habits into a lifestyle. Expires 16 weeks after initiation of program.

Starter Nutrition Plan

The complete nutrition plan provides an individualized meal plan for you including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas. This lifetime meal plan is based on the results of your dietary analysis and will be designed to fit within your lifestyle and goals for optimal nutrition and wellness. Clients will receive two nutrition consultations as well as a computerized 3-day diet analysis.

Nutrition Check-up

One-hour nutrition check-up and consultation will fine-tune your current nutrition for overall wellness and health.

Metabolic Rate Test and Nutrition Consultation

A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 30 minute consultation to determine your resting metabolic rate.  We will discuss the results of your test and adjust your nutrition and exercise habits to meet your weight management goals.  The MedGem calculates the total number of calories you burn at rest in one day.

Kitchen Makeover and Nutrition Consultation

This is a great service for family nutrition consultations or those looking to makeover their kitchen into a healthier environment. The kitchen makeover and nutrition consultation can include nutrition education, label reading and a whole new organization to your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer. 

Family Menu Planning

The Advice for Eating dietitians will develop delicious and healthy recipes that are personalized for families needs. Our dietitians can help your family to develop two weeks of tasty, healthy menus that your everyone will love and will save you time along with two consultations.

Supermarket Tour

A guided tour through the supermarket.  You will learn how to make the best choices and see the latest products.  Tips on quick and easy meals and snacks, label reading, and good nutrition will all be covered.  A pre-printed grocery shopping list is included.

E-Nutrition Counseling

E-Nutrition counseling is a method of receiving nutrition or wellness consultations with the convenience of the Internet.  This is a way of working on your nutrition and overall wellness without having to fit an appointment into your busy schedule.  Your email will get the same caring attention as telephone or in-person consultations.

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